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Bruce Lindgren

Bruce Carl Lindgren, 81 years old, died on Saturday, February 6th due to complications resulting from congenital heart failure. He died peacefully in his sleep surrounded by his family on a beautiful sunny day.

Bruce was born to Edith May Lindgren and David John Lindgren in Chicago, Ill., attended the University of Iowa, and was a member of the Sigma Nu fraternity. Bruce spent the duration of his professional career in media, ultimately launching (and running for 34 years) his own network-television consulting business: Lindgren & Associates. Bruce’s passion for the industry began in the 1950’s with his starring role as Willie Watson as a child actor on the popular NBC children’s television show, “Watch Mr. Wizard.”

Bruce was lauded for his expertise and the gracious manner in which he mentored and supported hundreds in their career pursuits. Upon hearing of Bruce’s passing, a former colleague and close friend commented, “Bruce fostered unique creative, oft times bluntly shared his unique old-school thoughts of long-gone ad-men, gave hard-earned advice from a lifetime of experience and literally built careers. … He touched many legacy brands, opened impossible doors for those who may not have seen their potential before he did, and anyone lucky enough to have worked with him is better for it.”

Bruce was deeply passionate about the media industry. He found joy in identifying talent and helping people navigate their way through the industry. Bruce was a source of constant mentorship, served as a consummate connector, and built (and, more importantly, maintained) a large network of trusted and cherished relationships that he nurtured over decades.

Bruce’s professional career led to him living throughout the United States, but he ultimately fell in love with the Bay Area, where he proudly raised his family in Tiburon. He was an avid distance runner who found a passion for cycling and cherished his morning bike rides along the San Francisco Bay. Always one to support an underdog, he was a die-hard fan of the Oakland Raiders and found community in the organization.

Bruce is survived by the love of his life, Karen Lindgren, his wife of 37 years; their daughter Kimberly Barron (son-in-law, Matthew Barron); their son Scuyler Lindgren (daughter-in-law, Jeannine Lindgren); as well as Bruce’s two children from a previous marriage, J. Scott Lindgren (Sue Lindgren) and Dana Ray (Kelly Ray). Bruce is also survived by his six grandchildren, Thomas and Kennedy Barron, Emma Draper, Eric Lindgren, and Noah and Zach Ray, and one recent great-grandchild, Madelyn Draper.



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