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The Tiburon Peninsula

The Tiburon Peninsula lies 6 miles across San Francisco Bay from San Francisco, California. Nestled at the end of this peninsula are the towns of Tiburon and Belvedere, which boast a unique lifestyle, ideal weather and some very interesting people.

Begun as a railroad town shipping freight to San Francisco by ferry until the 1950s, it has transformed into one of the West Coast's most desirable locations. The rail yard and cod cannery have given way to gourmet restaurants, yacht clubs and high-end boutiques. In place of the humble, working man's abodes now stand multimillion-dollar homes. And the houseboats in Corinthian Cove have been replaced by ocean-going yachts.

Locals are rabidly loyal to the area, tucked away from freeway traffic, bordered by water with spectacular views of Angel Island, San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge and Mount Tamalpais. A small town atmosphere pervades here just a half hour drive to San Francisco.

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