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Recreation agency’s chair yoga class offers fitness, community to seniors

After a major car accident left her concussed and experiencing memory loss a few years ago, Carole Ellison started to withdraw. Ellison, who has lived in Tiburon and Mill Valley over the past several years, would sometimes forget what she was talking about mid-sentence. She says she felt like she couldn’t be sociable. She gained weight. “I knew that I wasn’t really myself anymore,” says Ellison. Chair yoga, she says. changed her life. Ellison is one of more than a dozen seniors who devotedly attend Belvedere-Tiburon Recreation’s chair yoga class, which has been taught for more than 15 years by Megan Scott, a doctor in integrative medicine, sports rehabilitation and clinical psychology. The $20 class takes place Monday and Thursday mornings, with an added strength training class on Wednesdays. (Matthew Hose photo)

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