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Locals testify about historic use of Martha property in ridge trail trial

To the locals who traversed its trails in the 1970s and the decades before, the 110-acre parcel of land straddling the Tiburon Ridge wasn’t widely known as the Martha property. To many, it was just referred to as “open space.” Sue LaFlamme-Lobedan, whose family lived near the top of Ridge Road in the 1960s, said it never occurred to her to ask permission to hike on the privately owned property. “I didn’t have reason to,” she said. “I thought it was open space. It was open.” The citizens group Tiburon-Belvedere Residents United to Support Trails, or Trust, is suing the Martha Co. over the company’s recent efforts to curb interlopers as it ramps up plans to turn the land into a 43-lot subdivision.

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