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Southern Marin fire chief questions safety of town evacuation-decal project

In the latest step of an initiative first proposed two years ago by the Tiburon Fire Protection District, the Tiburon Town Council in August approved 200 blue plastic street decals marked with the letter “E” to be deployed on town streets, each featuring arrows that intend to lead people to lanes, pathways and steps that offer fast routes toward safety. However, while the Tiburon fire district’s jurisdiction covers Belvedere and southern Tiburon up to the Belveron neighborhood, northern and western Tiburon are served by the Southern Marin Fire Protection District. Southern Marin’s fire chief, Christian Tubbs, says he was never consulted about placing the decals in his jurisdiction and only learned of the town’s plans via Ark inquiries after the Tiburon council’s approval. He says his district has made a conscious choice not to install such evacuation decals because the markers can be confusing and potentially dangerous, and he may stop installation in his jurisdiction.

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