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One year after wildfires ravaged the North Bay, ripples are still seen on the Tiburon Peninsula

Ed Ratliff has decided he’s here for good. Ratliff, a 70-year-old retired business owner, was one of thousands of people who lost their homes just a year ago in the Wine Country wildfires, which devastated the North Bay on the way to becoming the deadliest wildfires in California history. After his Santa Rosa home was destroyed, Ratliff rented a home on the Belvedere Lagoon, coincidentally becoming neighbors with Jon and Charlotte Doyle, who also lost their home in unincorporated Santa Rosa in the fires. Now, with his cat Milo as the only physical reminder of his previous life in the golf course-centered neighborhood of Fountaingrove, Ratliff has decided he’s not going to rebuild there. Instead, he’s going to live out his life on the Tiburon Peninsula. (Clara Lu photo / For The Ark)

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