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  • Deirdre McCrohan

Tiburon honors former town receptionist with Heritage Preservation Award

Former Tiburon artist laureate Jaleh Etemad said she couldn’t have finished the culminating project of her four-year term without the help of Joan Millzner Palmero. “I Remember When,” completed in 2017, told the history of Tiburon through images and the personal stories of 36 town natives. Throughout the project, Palmero accompanied Etemad, a painter, to help interview the subjects — and she immediately made everyone feel comfortable. That’s what Palmero, who spent 24 years as the town of Tiburon’s receptionist before retiring in 2015, is known for —stepping up to help out and making everyone around her comfortable, all the while sharing her vast knowledge of the town’s people and history. Etemad and her peers on the Tiburon Heritage & Arts Commission recognized Palmero for her contributions to helping preserve the town’s history by naming Palmero the recipient of its 22nd annual Heritage Preservation Award.

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