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Final election results show historic Marin turnout, local splintering

Marin voters turned out at historic levels for a mid-term congressional election this November, as Tiburon Peninsula residents also voted in high numbers on a slew of offices, parcel taxes and ballot measures. In some races, local voters broke with their neighboring cities and with Marin and state voters as a whole. Belvedere and Strawberry, for instance, backed federal prosecutor Anna Pletcher in the race for Marin district attorney over the eventual winner of the race, former Deputy District Attorney Lori Frugoli, while Tiburon and Belvedere voters backed independent businessman Steve Poizner over the winner, Democrat Ricardo Lara, for state insurance commissioner. Belvedere also supported charter-schools advocate Marshall Tuck for the state’s superintendent of public schools over Oakland assemblyman and winner Tony Thurmond. And in a tight local race for the Marin Sanitary District No. 5 board of directors, Tiburon voters backed challenger Omar Arias-Montez over the incumbent and eventual winner, Tod Moody.

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