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Serge Martial

French former rock star Serge Martial passed away on May 27, 2020, at his home in Tiburon where he lived for the past 42 years. After being given 4 months to live when he was diagnosed for pancreatic cancer in early 2012, he went straight to the battlefield, refusing to let the killer disease take his life and joy of living.

Born and raised in France, his singer/songwriter career was interrupted in 1977 for a broken heart. He then decided to seek the attention of the Japanese fans of the French language. On the way, he stopped in San Francisco for a few months and never left.

From using his culinary talent as a chef, to returning to studies several times, he became a commercial pilot, an accountant and an engineer, then a chief information officer; he never stopped re-inventing his life both on the personal and professional level, always showing a positive and creative attitude that made his circle of friends and professionals grow endlessly. When he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, he was the president and CEO of NES Healthcare Group, the emergency-department staffing company headquartered on Main Street in Tiburon.

The biggest highlight of his life was to be reunited with Aline, the love of his life. The two married and shared the beauty and pleasure of living in Tiburon with their three daughters. He is survived by his wife, his three children/step-children, his sister and his best childhood friend, whom he kept in contact with all his life.

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