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Sebastian Paul Kobus-Bergin

Sebastian Paul Kobus-Bergin

August 5, 2002 - June 24, 2020

On June 24, 2020 we lost our sweet beautiful Sebastian.

He lived a short time on this earth but lived it with passion, intelligence and creativity.

He loved to read, loved to watch movies, and even worked at our local movie theater.

His drawings were and are incredibly unique and special. From a very early age he became a huge fan of Lego. He did not just build with them, he was a Lego Master and would break them down and create all new masterpieces. Most recently he completed the almost 8,000 piece Millennium Falcon in just one week.

He had an interest in culinary arts and was a very good home chef. He loved basketball and online gaming. He loved to draw sitting on the rocks of Belvedere Cove by the water. He was madly in love with our dogs, Henry and Parker. He was also a huge fan of music; he was never without a set of headphones in his ears.

His soul is precious and full of love. We will miss you Sebastian more than you will ever know. You remain in our hearts forever.

Sebastian is survived by his parents, Martin Kobus and Chris Bergin, and countless family and friends. Donations can be made in Sebastian’s name for teen suicide prevention at Buckelew Programs, 1401 Los Gamos Drive, Suite 240, San Rafael, CA 94903 or online at

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