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$20.1 million seawall plan emerges as frontrunner in Belvedere

Belvedere officials are zeroing in on a $20.1-million design concept for the city’s flood-fix project that incorporates feedback from residents and other local stakeholders, including calls to preserve a traffic circle at the intersection of San Rafael Avenue and Beach Road and to maintain the existing road width and all existing street parking on the city’s two arterial roads. The updated design is a riff on one unveiled last December, which added amenities like multiuse pathways, green spaces and seating areas to mask the development along San Rafael Avenue and Beach Road and connect people with the shoreline. The new plan scales back that design and instead favors 5-foot-wide paths and short, exposed floodwalls. Pedestrians would access the shoreline using ramps and stairs that lead “up and over” the seawalls, which would be as tall as 4.4 feet in some places.

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