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Library-expansion budget goes up as project hits delays

The cost of the Belvedere-Tiburon Library expansion is going up by $600,000 amid construction delays that have pushed the project’s expected completion to February.

The Belvedere-Tiburon Library Agency board of directors at its June 21 teleconference meeting voted unanimously to increase the project’s budget to $17.69 million, up from about $17.1 million, with most of the additional money — about $449,000 — going toward contractor Alten Construction to pay for delay charges and change orders. Another $151,000 will go toward the project’s contingency fund, designed to cover any unforeseen costs that pop up during construction.

Project Manager Glenn Isaacson said the responsibility for the delays is shared by “pretty much everyone in the picture,” from the contractor to the design team to the town, and they have been further exacerbated by pandemic-related restrictions and other unforeseen conditions.

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