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Tiburon ferry services expand, but commutes lengthen

Golden Gate Ferry has temporarily tacked 20-25 minutes onto riders’ commutes — pushing travel times close to an hour — with an updated schedule that sends all Tiburon runs to San Francisco through the newly reopened Sausalito terminal.

At the same time, Blue & Gold Fleet has resumed limited off-commute weekday and evening ferry service between Tiburon and San Francisco — though it, too, does not provide direct service to the city.

Tiburon Town Councilmember Alice Fredericks, who sits on the board of the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District, said the changes are temporary: "Ridership on the ferry has been 50 percent of normal (pre-COVID) as of earlier this month. Adjustments to commute service will be made when businesses open up post-COVID and commutes to the city pick up.”

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