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The Ark strives to be accurate, fair and complete in its coverage, and it is our policy to correct errors of fact and to clarify potentially confusing statements. Request corrections or clarifications by contacting Executive Editor Kevin Hessel at or at 415-435-2652.

  • When notified of a potential error, we will investigate with the reporters and editors to determine whether a correction or clarification is warranted. If so, it will appear in the dedicated position on pg. 5 of the next print edition. The Ark publishes weekly on Wednesdays.

  • Corrections shall appear on all platforms that carried the error. If digital — website, social media, etc. — the content will be adjusted and a notification appended.

  • Obvious typos that appear on digital platforms will be corrected without an appended notification.

We attempt to report the truth as it's known at the time of publication. When incorrect information is provided during a breaking-news event and is part of the story, we will provide this context in follow-up reporting as official accounts change, without issuing a correction. 

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