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Harvey 'Skip' Berg

Harvey “Skip” Berg passed away peacefully from complications of Alzheimer’s/dementia at the age of 80 on January 23rd, 2022.

“I didn’t know I couldn’t” was Skip’s favorite saying. That phrase defined his life more than every other attitude.

Simply put, Skip lived a life that was daring. He took risks. Some paid off but others by his own admission were not always prudent. He started his real estate development career with $200 and a car as his only assets.

Skip worked hard and built Berg Holdings, which encompassed varied assets. At one time, his favorite being Sears Point Raceway, which sold in 1997.

He played pranks at his own wedding, drove way too fast on winding roads and straight sections alike, such that police knew him by name.

Skip lived his life the way he drove his car: working hard, enraptured by the symphony of what he enjoyed, music only he could hear.

It was surprising that in his later years he became sweet, cute and docile; an altogether relaxed and a risk-averse person who wouldn’t go outside without seven sweaters and a full brimmed hat, just in case.

Skip had a lovely burial surrounded by his family and will have a video montage memorial where stories will be plentiful to celebrate the rarest of men who truly lived how he pleased. He was laid to rest at the Fernwood Cemetery in Mill Valley overlooking the nature trails in Marin County which he loved so much.

He is survived by his wife Brenda, eight of his children and others who will always remember him as one of a kind.

Donations can be made to Memorial Hospice Santa Rosa.



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