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Margaret 'Peggy' Patton

Margaret “Peggy” Patton passed away at home on January 23, 2021, after an undetermined Illness.

Peggy was born August 6, 1952, in Philadelphia and was the proudly Irish daughter of Ellen (née Boland) and Edward “Big Ed” Patton. She is preceded in death by her parents; her sisters, Jeanie and Joanie (the twins); and her beloved sister Ellen. She is survived by her brother Eddie; her sister Patty; her husband, Denis Williams; and her son, Red Williams. She is also survived by many loving relatives, countless buddies and grateful patients.

In her younger years Peggy “Peggy Day” Patton was the day bartender at the Last Day Saloon in San Francisco, where she met many people who became lifelong friends. After attending nursing school, Peggy became a medical assistant for Dr. Michael Katz, who she worked with for 30 years. Working closely with Dr. Katz, she helped women through their sometimes-difficult pregnancies and the births of countless children. She was famous on all kinds of social media for the quality of her care, a phenomenon that pleased and embarrassed her in equal measure.

She loved music, dancing, animals, listening for Denny’s chopper coming up the hill with stories about his day, swimming, her fairy garden, watching vintage TV shows with Denny, her home in Tiburon, and her friends and family, but most of all she loved her son, Red, who hung her moon and stars.

Quietly but devoutly Catholic, Peggy was a truly good person who lived an admirable life by practicing the principles she believed in. She never “hated” anyone or anything. However, she seriously disliked the isolation of COVID-19 and deliberate cruelty of any kind. A week before she passed she told her son, “Everything I do is prayer.” Red feels that captures her spirit very nicely.

Peggy worked hard at keeping in contact with people she knew and never let anyone forget how much she cared about them. She was always there with a helpful hand, good advice, or a shoulder to cry on. She was loved by so many and she will be sincerely missed by all the people she touched.

Peggy would have wanted us to embrace the gifts that make each of us special: she knew that it is not fame, money, or success that measures us. It is our uniqueness and humanity. That is how she found the inner beauty in everyone.

It was an honor and a privilege to have known her.

She will be cremated so she can finally have the smoking hot body she always wanted. A celebration of her life will be held as soon as it is safe to do so. She wanted a gathering of family and friends eating semi-healthy food, drinking adult beverages, listening to old songs, and telling mostly true lies about her life. Information for that event will be shared on her Facebook page, so check back there periodically.

In her memory, please donate money or time to charities that help animals. AND BE KIND.

Be like Peggy.



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