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Some Marin critters can be good for the garden

Marin is awash with critters, or creatures of the night, as I call them. When it gets dark, they come out from under decks and other places where they hide during the daylight hours. The good news is that, come night, they have most gardens to themselves and we don’t have to tangle with them. Let me tell you a little about a couple of the good critters that inhabit our gardens. Skunks have some qualities that make them good citizens in our gardens. Slugs, snails, grubs, insects, along with small rodents, are treats for them — and who among us likes slugs and snails? Granted, skunks will sometimes dig small holes in the lawn to get to grubs, but that’s a small price to pay for the slug and snail patrol they provide. (Photo via Wildcare)

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