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Belvedere steps up fight against coyotes, seeks Fish & Wildlife’s aid

After residents complained of inaction, Belvedere city officials have drafted a plan to deal with aggressive coyotes, saying they will do “whatever it takes” to address the issue.

Residents have called City Hall repeatedly after a dozen or more sightings of coyotes in Belvedere streets and backyards, as well as missing cats and one dismembered dog. Those sharing information on social-media sites are up in arms, saying the city isn’t doing enough to protect them.

Officials last week sent out a flyer outlining a four-point plan to deal with the animals, including increasing police patrols, handing out “hazing kits,” posting warning signs around town to teach people what to do if they see a one and petitioning the state Department of Fish and Wildlife to remove aggressive coyotes.

“Over the last several weeks we noted a steep rise in the number of reports (primarily through Nextdoor) that coyotes were becoming emboldened and were killing pets,” said Belvedere City Manager Robert Zadnik. “This serious development prompted the resident education campaign and new staff policies on how coyote calls are managed.”

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