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  • Emily Lavin

Closed footbridge is inching closer to approval for repairs

A project to repair a pedestrian bridge that links a popular bayfront walking route between Tiburon and Strawberry needs to navigate a few remaining hurdles before construction can begin — though the group in charge of the work says they remain committed to reopening the bridge before an annual December-May building moratorium.

The bridge has been closed since last October after an engineering report deemed it unsafe, irking residents who’ve questioned historic maintenance and the ongoing delays, worried the project could be bumped to June as pedestrians are rerouted to a busy stretch Tiburon Boulevard.

According to the Greenwood Bay Condominiums Homeowners Association, which maintains the bridge, an engineering firm hired to assess several areas of the property for structural issues determined the columns that hold up the bridge had degraded significantly over the years, damage that is sometimes visible at low tide.

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