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Environmental report finds ‘unavoidable’ impacts from town growth

(Elliot Karlan / For The Ark)

Air quality, water supplies, waste-treatment facilities and traffic would be impacted to a “significant unavoidable” degree if the goals, policies and programs of Tiburon’s 20-year plan for growth and development are carried out, according to a draft environmental impact report.

The report, released last month alongside the draft general-plan update and now in their 45-day public-review through May 1, examines the potential impacts of all segments of the general plan, which provides a long-term guide on land use, traffic, conservation, environmental sustainability, open space, noise, safety, diversity and equity, housing and other elements.

Notably, the draft impact report found that implementation of the general plan would have no impact on population and housing, determining the 639-plus new units the town must accommodate in the next eight years wouldn’t result in a reduction of existing housing or displace any residents.

Instead, it’s the new housing and population itself that would have ripple effects.

Report consultant De Novo Planning Group of El Dorado Hills concluded there would be a number of potential significant and unavoidable impacts from implementation of the general plan, meaning items can’t be lessened with mitigation measures, only by eliminating the programs causing the impact.

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