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Tiburon Peninsula Chamber of Commerce unveils wish list to help invigorate downtown

The creation of pedestrian-only zones, new public restrooms, a free shuttle to take workers and residents from parking to shops and a bike-repair station are among the wish-list items in a Tiburon Peninsula Chamber of Commerce call to revitalize downtown Tiburon.

Chamber Executive Director DeAnn Biss outlined the list of improvements aimed at enhancing the appearance and atmosphere downtown, particularly Main Street, in a presentation at the Town Council’s Aug. 18 meeting; however, the council wasn’t allowed to deliberate or take any action.

In focusing on public health and safety, infrastructure and employee assistance, Biss said the time is right: Highly anticipated restaurants are set to open downtown that will bring increased interest from locals and tourists alike — as well as additional income for the town that can be supplemented with federal funding available for local infrastructure improvements.

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