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to high-impact community journalism.


The Ark, twice named the nation's best small community weekly, is dedicated to delivering investigative, accountability journalism with a mission to increase civic engagement and participation by providing the knowledge that can help sculpt the community and change lives.

Your support makes this possible.

In addition to subscribing to The Ark for weekly home delivery, please consider making a contribution to strong community journalism. While subscriptions provide important financial support, advertising revenue is the bulk of our income. Yet with the breadth of the coronavirus pandemic and resulting economic crisis, many local businesses are understandably unable to advertise. Though The Ark is not a charity — your gift is not tax-deductible — your extra financial contribution will be essential in helping us get through these unprecedented times as we remain committed to supporting our entire community, including our local businesses, through this period.

For more information, contact Director of Business & Advertising Henriette Corn at or 415-435-1190.


Editors and reporters operate independently of our donors and maintain editorial control over all content they produce. Contributions are not tax-deductible.

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