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Tiburon police now tracking race, other data during stops

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

A snapshot from Tiburon's stop-data dashboard.

The Tiburon Police Department has become an early adopter of a new accountability tool that tracks race and other demographic data of those stopped or detained by police. One expert in racial profiling says the limited data published so far raises early cause for concern. Starting Dec. 1, Tiburon police began collecting data during stops, such as perceived race, ethnicity and gender, as well as the reason for the stop and any actions taken by the officer during the interaction. The information is being published in real time on a “stop-data dashboard” on the town’s website. In reviewing the dashboard, Jack Glaser, a professor at the University of California at Berkeley who specializes in racial profiling and policing, said the two months of data on Tiburon’s dashboard seems to show that stops and searches of Blacks and Latinos is “way out of whack."

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