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Golden Gate Ferry takes over midday and weekend trips to S.F.

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

San Francisco-bound passengers await the Golden Gate Ferry as it docks in Tiburon on Jan. 28. The Golden Gate Ferry, which has provided weekday commute service since 2017, was taking over Tiburon-San Francisco midday and weekend service as of Jan. 31. Former provider Blue & Gold Fleet had petitioned the state to end the runs, citing declining revenue and increased operating costs. (Elliot Karlan photo / For The Ark)

Golden Gate Ferry has now taken over midday and weekend runs between Tiburon and San Francisco from Blue & Gold Fleet after reaching an agreement with ferry-dock landlord ACV Argo Tiburon LP for use of the landing.

The Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District, which operates Golden Gate Ferry, signed the lease Jan. 27 and announced the deal the following day in a joint press release with Tideline Marine Group, which will reportedly launch its late-night water-taxi service later this month.

In taking over from Blue & Gold, Golden Gate Ferry will offer three midday runs on weekdays from Tiburon and four runs from San Francisco. There will be five runs between Tiburon and San Francisco on weekends. All San Francisco stops will be at the Ferry Building, a change from Blue & Gold, which operated out of Pier 41.

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